Film’s Fascination with Authors

Hollywood loves a good romance, and we love to romanticize writers. There’s plenty of cultural myth built up around the notion of ‘the author’ – particularly the white male author – as someone who, even as they relate powerful truths about our world, paradoxically exists outside of the society they so brilliantly capture. It’s easy […]

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‘Possum’ Review

Amidst all its faux-retrospectives, wobbling sets and consciously-atrocious sound design, Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace would very occasionally side-step its parodic charms and give a flash of genuinely unnerving horror. It’s this vein that Darkplace creator Matthew Holness digs at much more thoroughly in his debut feature, Possum; a nasty little piece of weirdness that – despite […]

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‘Wildlife’ BFI LFF 2018 Review

“There’s a tendency for the media to lionise men’s flaws,” director Paul Dano opined at the recent BFI Film Festival screening of Wildlife. “We don’t do the same for women.” It’s an observation that clearly sits at the heart of his directorial debut. Adapted from the Richard Ford novel in collaboration with partner Zoe Kazan, […]

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